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No Demo Reno Tadelakt Bathroom in Miami

Recently we were contacted to provide a solution for an outdated bathroom in Miami. The homeowner wanted Tadelakt, a seamless waterproof finish which originates in Morocco, and was on a time crunch. The existing bathroom wasn't bad, just outdated and needed a refresh for the new owners and their family. So what to do.... Do you demo all the tile and start over? That would create a huge mess and delays in the schedule for sure. So we thought why not go over the existing tile with our overlay system. This would create the look the client wanted and save time and money. So the decision was made and we began the process of a 3 bathroom no demo renos.

First the original tile had to be prepped and cleaned to begin the process. After that a series of basecoats were applied to level out the walls, and then the fun began to apply the Tadelakt finish. Tadelakt can be finished in a variety of ways, in this case they wanted a matte finish in a white concrete color. As you can see the result speaks for itself. We were even able to do the shower floor. One down 2 more to go....

The second bath wasn't bad either just outdated. so we repeated our tried and true overlay methods and the result was the same.

A beautiful modern seamless, waterproof tadelakt finish for the win! On to the master bathroom....

The master was the most modified, as walls were moved to change the layout, but the process was the same, outdated tile needing a facelift. Unfortunately we couldn't get any before pictures but the final result was great. As you can see we were able to overlay over the existing shower pan to match the finish on the walls.

As we applied the sealer we were confident the client was happy and knew the system would last and hold up to the years to come.

You may wonder....

How does it hold up to stains? Amazingly we use a variety of sealers according to your needs and budget but in this case staining will not be an issue.

Do I have to maintain it often? No, a simple weekly cleaning suffices.

Is it easy to clean? Yes, standard bathroom cleaners work well, however no harsh industrial chemicals should be used.

If you have any questions or would like a consult for your No Demo Reno bathroom project, please reach out to us and we would be happy to accommodate.

-Jonathan Mortillo

Owner and Applicator of PlasterCraft Diversified

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