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No Demo Reno Tadelakt in North Miami

Once again we were asked to assist a client who purchased a beachfront condo in North Miami. The condo was newly renovated but the guest bath was still needing a refresh. The clients were worried about the mess and complications that come with a high-rise renovation. The existing bathroom had outdated stone in the shower area and clashed with the rest of the beautiful condo. They wanted a waterproof Tadelakt plaster and we looking for options. So we offered our overlay system in which we can over directly over existing tile, stone, glass block, or manufactured surfaces and create a fully waterproofed Tadelakt seamless system without any demolition.

As you can see the stone was outdated, and didn't go with the new floors or vanity that was installed by the previous owners. So instead of being stuck with a finish you don't like, an overlay system is a great option and you still can have the beauty and functionality of Tadelakt.

After we stabilized the existing stone, we installed a liquid membrane (as pictured below) which not only brings it up to code but also provides further crack resistance

We then worked with the client creating samples until we found a custom color and texture they were happy with. In this case they wanted a darker concrete look with slight movement and a matte sheen. Not only did we do the shower area but also applied the waterproof Tadelakt on the rest of the walls and even were able to coat the front of the tube to remove the plastic look from the manufacturer. The clients now have a beautifully waterproofed Tadelakt bathroom to match the rest of the condo. Here at PlasterCraft Diversified we are dedicated to providing excellent service for our clients want and to give them a product that not only looks great but lasts and provides functionality. We are premium installers of Tadelakt plaster and are happy to assist you on your next project. Please call us for a consult or a quote today.

Before and After

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