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Plaster Medallion in West Palm Beach

Our friends at Balmer Architectural Mouldings reached out to us for a plaster medallion install in West Palm Beach. We were happy to accept and scheduled it in. The medallion came in two pre-casted pieces along with swags from the Balmer studios in Canada. After finding the center of the coffered oval, we planned out our install and without too much effort installed the medallion.

Next was the swags which came separately and were to be delicately installed around the perimeter of the medallion.

It takes a steady hand and the right mixture of plaster to adhere them to the ceiling. This embellishment finished off the medallion beautifully.

Great care is taken when joining the two pieces together. The beauty of plaster mouldings is it truly creates a seamless look. Its nearly impossible to see the joint in the middle. Plaster mouldings are also dimensionally stable, allowing the movement without fracture.

We weren't done there. It was then decided to add a light trough at the lower ceiling, so we then made preparations for the next step and began phase 2.

Great care is taken in packaging and shipping the mouldings to avoid damage along the way.

Once all the pieces were measured and marked they were then glued into place with plaster. A small gap is left at the joints compared to wood which are installed tight.

Making sure the contour of the oval was true and continuous was a challenge, but with patience and diligence we were successful.

The results speak for themselves, the clients were very pleased and happy to have such a beautifully crafted piece to adorn the entrance of their home.

It was a pleasure working and collaborating with Balmer Architectural Mouldings of Canada. If you have any plaster moulding needs they are leaders in North America and provide outstanding service and talent. We at PlasterCraft Diversified are also happy to offer any assistance with any plaster needs you may have. Call us for a consultation.

-Jonathan Mortillo

Owner of PlasterCraft Diversified

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